Meet BK 4 Reel Hosts Wilbenson Eugene, Monica Furman & Josh Joya

Did you know that BK 4 Reel is the only television production on Brooklyn’s cable channels dedicated to the video production work of teen cinematographers who live and/or go to school in the borough of Brooklyn? No, it’s true! It is.

Take a look at some of the past programs that feature short films from your favorite teen film makers, you’ll be blown away by the talent and eye these young artists possess.

We’ve got three great young hosts who introduce viewers to these awesome films and we’d like to take a moment for you to meet them! First, there’s Monica Furman.

Hi I’m Monica. I was born-and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a little kid, I would love to watch television, and thought it would be awesome if one day, I could be inside the screen. Today, my love of acting has branched into theater and film as well. When I was eleven years old, I started classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute’s Young Actors at Strasberg, where I took classes for over five years in Film & TV, Production, Improvisational Scene Study, Musical Theater, and more. I have been in several independent and college films, and last summer, I starred in the official website for Adele Griffin’s book The Julian Game. I joined BK 4 Reel as one of the hosts in April 2010, and I love shooting it. When I’m not filming for the show, I’m all over the place. I’m a high school student, I’m in multiple school clubs, I take vocal, piano, and art lessons, I work as an art intern, and I’m currently in weekly rehearsals for the theater company I recently became a company member of, Project Girl Performance Collective. Phew! I enjoy roaming the streets of New York City in search of my next audition location, reading, and lots of chocolate. Hope you enjoy the blog!

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And let’s not forget our other host, Josh Joya.

Hi I’m Josh and I am an actor. I started acting and writing plays was I ten years old. I took playwriting classes at the 52nd Street Project in Hells Kitchen – that’s where I’m from. I wanted to learn everything about acting so I signed up for some acting classes around the city and got involved in productions and table readings of new scripts for both stage and film. Some companies include The 52nd Street Project, The Studio Ensemble Theater, The Wooster Group, INTAR, Primary Stages, The Women’s Project, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, FalconWorks Artists Group, Dance Theater Etcetera, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, New York Stage and Film, and the NYU Graduate Film Program. I attended the Performing Arts & Technology High School in East New York, Brooklyn, where thanks to an awesome principal I got travel to Bogota, Colombia and the Caymen Islands to take part in a theatre exchange program. I took a camera with me and that’s when I fell in love with film. Watching that footage takes me back down memory lane… ah the good times. When I graduated I went off to study at the Powerhouse Theater at Vassar College as an acting apprentice. (I got to meet a lot of well known actors and mesh with directors, too.) Man, that was fun! When I got back to the city, I signed up for media classes at the Downtown Community Television Center and started learning how to make movies. Around the same time I got an internship at a film investment fund linking passionate investors with social interest media called Impact Partners Film Services. This past summer 2010, I returned to Vassar but this time as a playwriting apprentice and shadowed playwrights John Patrick Shanley and Romulus Linney, while they worked on their own plays (that is an experience I wish I could have filmed, though I will never forget it). Fianally in the fall of 2010, I joined BK 4 Reel! I have to say what I really enjoy about the show (aside from hosting, of course) is watching the films. Being a filmmaker myself, I know story telling can be tricky—but BK 4 REEL exists to give us, the filmmakers, a chance to put our work out there and get feedback—even if it’s just selected scenes or a rough cut. So, I hope you can log on to the BK 4 Reel website, watch some films, chat it up and check out what people have to say about your work.

And finally, our most recent host addition, Wilbenson Eugene:

Wilbenson R. Eugene is a member of the All Stars Project Theater Company. Recent theater credits include, The Work Play, The Young Playwrights part 1 and 2. He is also a member of Dance Theater Etcetera, currently working on a play entitled Venus. Notable performances include Uncensored at Cherry Lane Theater. He has appeared in two short films shot in Red Hook, Red Hook High and Rise Above. He has also worked as background cast for numerous productions, including Captain America, Hellbenders,  Royal Pains, Pan Am, Damages, New Years Eve  and The Dictator.  He’s very passionate about acting and enjoys singing and dancing– and finds the challenge of a live show to be thrilling. In his time away from acting, he enjoys filming, editing, reading, writing, exercising and all things sports related. And he’s thrilled to be one of the hosts for BK 4 Reel.

Watch BK 4 Reel Mondays and Fridays at 12pm & 8pm on Brooklyn’s Time Warner Cable 56, Cablevision 69, RCN 84 and in all five boroughs on Verizon 44.  You can also watch online episodes here.

A you a Brooklyn teen with a movie you want to show the world? Know some Brooklyn teens who are creating great movie projects? Then send your short video (12 minutes or less) in DVD or mini-DV format to:
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Questions? Contact us at: bk4reel [at]

(If you’ve got a great film you want to promote via our BIT twitter feed, include #bk4reel with your post and we’ll check it out!)

BK4Reel Eps. 31

Original Air Date: 11/18/2010

Our BK hosts Monica Furman and Josh Joya do their hosting thing on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, with that other borough in the background the one that starts with M. M also stands for Midwood High School, which is where our three documentary films all come from this month.
Survivor of Twins, by Cassandra Lu. A first-person autobiographical story of a family going through the experience of 9/11, and the impact it had on the filmmakers innocent view of the world.
Shmeducation, by Max Bayarsky. What is education, and do we really need it? A critical and comedic look, using new and old footage and interviews with teachers and students.
A Euphoric Relationship, by Ileen Gutgarts. A girl tells us her very personal love story, taking us along on the up and down rollercoaster ride of being in a relationship.
From Brooklyn Independent Television’s BK4Reel. ;

The Packer Collegiate Institute Show: BK4Reel

The Packer Collegiate Institute Show: Hosts Kendra Dennis and Kareem Alicea go to Brooklyn Heights to see what the film students at Packer are up to. Turns out theyre about to enter

From Brooklyn Independent Television's BK4Reel Episode 20.


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