Building the Future in Brighton Beach

From YouTube user: BKIndependentTV

Like other coastal communities of Brooklyn, Brighton Beach was devastated by Sandy’s waters. But a nearly finished new construction in the area, built with a focus on efficiency and sustainability, was completely unaffected. We visited the site with the project’s architect to find out why it came through so well and what others can learn for how to rebuild for the future.

36th Annual Brighton Jubilee: Brooklyn By The Sea

Pat Singer founded the Brighton Neighborhood Association in 1977 as a way to save her beloved Brighton Beach from the downward spiral of many Brooklyn neighborhoods during that time. Then a single mother, she went door to door to rally support and launched the first Brighton Jubilee. Now, 36 years later, it has become an annual tradition filled with great food, local vendors, committed sponsors, musical acts, kiddie activities, along with volunteers and members of the Brighton Neighborhood Association.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn By The Sea. Original airdate: 9/27/12.

Tatiana Restaurant: Brooklyn By The Sea

This is a great place to dine, not to mention check out a Broadway quality show, and it’s right here in the neighborhood. It’s Tatiana Restaurant on the Brighton Beach boardwalk – a Brooklyn institution! How many places can you get dinner, dessert, great drinks, and a good old fashion show? If you live nearby then you’re lucky. If not, it’s worth the trip!

Tatiana Restaurant
3152 Brighton 6th Street

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn By The Sea. Original airdate: 9/27/12

Coney Island/Brighton Beach Job Growth: Sector B

These two communities are seeing a rise in employment opportunities for very different reasons: in Coney Island, lots of ongoing development, and in Brighton Beach, the healthcare industry. For more information about Community Board 13, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn, episode 62. Original air date: 9/19/2012.

Safe Haven in Brighton Beach: Healthbeat Brooklyn

We profile Father Vadim Arefiev, an Orthodox priest who offers shelter to Russian immigrants addicted to drugs and alcohol along with hope of a better future. For more information about the Church of the Unquenchable Chalice, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s HealthBeat Brooklyn, episode 65. Original airdate 08/07/2012.

Brighton Beach Tour: Brooklyn Review

Reality TV has come to Brooklyn but Brighton Beach residents are sharing a different side of their neighborhood.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 253. Original air date: 12/12/2011.

Conversation Classroom: Neighborhood Beat Brighton Beach

Over the years Brighton Beach ha become very diverse with a mix of Russian, Chinese, Pakistani, and Hispanic residents. English as a second language has been a challenge for many so Community Board 13 along with other organizations like the Brighton Neighborhood Association created Conversation Classroom giving English speaking practice sessions to anyone willing to participate. And who wouldn’t want to hangout here with us on the boardwalk. It was beautiful. It was fun. Check it out.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Brighton Beach.
Original airdate: 9/29/11


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