Bone Density: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Millions of Americans — mostly women, but not exclusively — are at risk of developing osteoporosis, a disease that makes bones more fragile and can lead to falls and fractures. Screening for bone density is easy and available; at Brooklyn Heights Imaging, we see a patient get screened and find out what else you can do to keep your bones strong.

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From Brooklyn Independent Television’s HealthBeat Brooklyn, episode 62. Original airdate 04/05/2012.

Rally to Save Engine 205: Brooklyn Review

Rally to Save Engine 205: Our cameras are rolling as Brooklyn Heights residents take to the street to fight the proposed shuttering of Engine 205 and eight other Brooklyn fire companies in an effort to close a budget gap.
From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s Brooklyn Review, episode 243. Original air date: 6/13/2011.

Monet: Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn Heights

Monet: You just never know how talented your neighbors can be. This Brooklyn Heights artist is difficult to fit in a box. Shes an actress, composer and singer who also plays the flute, bass and acoustic guitar. Meet Monet.

Yoga People: Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn Heights

Yoga People: When you’re looking to align body and mind, there’s no better place than Yoga People, founded by Wendy Chanelis. Men, women, moms and even babies can all find a class here as well as massage services, facials or nutritional advice–it’s all here.
From Brooklyn Independent Television’s

Homer Fink Hidden Heights Tour: Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn Heights

Homer Fink Hidden Heights Tour: Plenty of people know about the famous actors, authors, poets and playwrights here in Brooklyn Heights. But there’s a hidden heights you may not know about. We caught up with Homer Fink for a special tour. For more information on Homer Fink’s Hidden Heights Tour contact:
From Brooklyn Independent Televisions Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn Heights Ep 6. Original airdate: 07/22/10

Jack The Horse Tavern: Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn Heights

Jack The Horse Tavern: It’s a true testament to the quality of a restaurant when it sits on a quiet, mostly residential street and still gets packed. Whether you’re craving pan seared scallops or a burger and beer, you’ll find it at Jack the Horse Tavern. For more information on Jack The Horse Tavern contact:
From Brooklyn Independent Televisions Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn Heights Ep 6. Original airdate: 07/22/10

Watch Tower: Brooklyn Review

Jehovah’s Witnesses have called Brooklyn Heights home for more than a century. A decision to shift its base from Americas first suburb to upstate New York has prompted a sell-off of property owned by the religious group.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 217.


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