Brooklyn Tech Triangle: Sector B

There’s definitely a tech sector boom happening in Brooklyn, and while it started in DUMBO, what they use to call “the dot-coms” are invading east into the Navy Yard and south into Downtown Brooklyn. For more information about The Brooklyn Tech Triangle, visit or or visit or visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn,” episode 66. Original air date: 2/20/2013.

Brooklyn GO: Caught In The Act

According to its sponsor, the Brooklyn Museum, this borough-wide open house drew an estimated 18,000 visitors to the studios, living rooms, galleries, and garages of more than 1700 artists in 44 neighborhoods. We didn’t get to quite that many, but enough to confirm that Brooklyn is full of talented people – as if you didn’t know!
For more information about GO, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn, episode 53. Original air date: 9/26/2012.

Veronica Lawlor: Caught In The Act

Veronica Lawlor: Out on the streets near her studio, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, this illustrator practices the art of reportage drawing the pen-and-ink equivalent of a news photographers snapshot.
From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s Caught In The Act, episode 39. Original air date: 7/22/2011.

Brooklyn Navy Yard: Sector B

Brooklyn Navy Yard: On our very first show four years ago, we visited the Navy Yard, then home to some 200 businesses. So what’s new there? Host Randy Peers, of Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, talks to Andrew Kimball, President and CEO.
From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s Sector B, episode 43. Original air date: 12/21/2010.

Underground Signs: Sector B

How cool is the NYC subway these days? Do you doubt that our massive, financially-strapped, often infuriating transit system is also a beloved cultural icon? Come to the Bklyn Navy Yard, where you’ll meet the poster boy for making subway signage profitable.
From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sector B, episode 42. Original air date: 11/16/2010.

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