Live Light, Live Right: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Live Light, Live Right: It’s intake day at this Brookdale Hospital outpatient program aimed at helping overweight kids to make real changes in their diets and habits. A time for questions, measurements — and maybe the start of a much healthier approach to life. 

From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s Healthbeat Brooklyn, episode 48. Original air date: 1/4/2011.

Dominique Wilkens: In The Zone

We join NBA legend Dominique Wilkens as he teams up with Preferred Health Partners to promote health screenings in the Brooklyn community.
From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s In The Zone, episode 65. ;Original air date:11/13/2010.

Digital Food Pantry: Healthbeat Brooklyn

At St. John’s Bread and Life, hungry people can select their food items — and get nutritional guidance — using on-site computers, which are designed to also let clients get help combating diseases like hypertension and diabetes.
From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s Healthbeat Brooklyn, episode 43.

Beverage Tax: Brooklyn Review

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 214.

A Pain in the Foot: Healthbeat Brooklyn

A Pain in the Foot: Sure, you can leave the high heels at home, but sometimes foot pain means a lot more than poor shoe selection. It’s often a symptom of more serious diseases, like diabetes.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Healthbeat Brooklyn, episode 39.

Wellness for Life: Healthbeat Brooklyn


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