Brooklyn Tech Triangle: Sector B

There’s definitely a tech sector boom happening in Brooklyn, and while it started in DUMBO, what they use to call “the dot-coms” are invading east into the Navy Yard and south into Downtown Brooklyn. For more information about The Brooklyn Tech Triangle, visit or or visit or visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn,” episode 66. Original air date: 2/20/2013.

Brooklyn Storms Back: DUMBO Business Response


DUMBO’s Belgium Blocks: Brooklyn Review

Most of us refer them as ?cobblestones?, but the grey-colored stones that align the streets of DUMBO are technically Belgium block, and they?ve been a foundation throughout Brooklyn for over a 100 years. Alexandria Sica , Executive Director of The DUMBO Improvement District tells reporter Clive Salmon whey these old stones are at the center of a preservation debate in that historic region.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 262. Original air date: 4/26/2012.


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