Biotech Incubator: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Tech Triangle, in and around DUMBO, is growing rapidly, but medical and health tech is getting a big boost in a different part of the borough. At SUNY Downstate’s Biotech Incubator, start-ups and early-stage biotech companies will soon have at total of 50,000 square feet in which to get innovative. For more information about SUNY Downstate , visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s HealthBeat Brooklyn, episode 72. Original airdate 03/05/2013.

Brooklyn Tech Triangle: Sector B

There’s definitely a tech sector boom happening in Brooklyn, and while it started in DUMBO, what they use to call “the dot-coms” are invading east into the Navy Yard and south into Downtown Brooklyn. For more information about The Brooklyn Tech Triangle, visit or or visit or visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn,” episode 66. Original air date: 2/20/2013.

Brooklyn Storms Back: DUMBO Business Response


Big City Volleyball: In The Zone

Reporter Alexandra Coppadge features Big City Volleyball in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s In The Zone, episode 105. Original air date: 10/13/2012.

Loosecubes: Sector B

Say you’re going stir crazy at home trying to get your start-up started, or maybe you’re traveling and need a place to plant your laptop for a couple of days. This DUMBO-based firm finds companies willing to share an extra cubicle or table and gives people an inexpensive place to work. Is this the office of the future? For more information about Loosecubes, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn, episode 60. Original air date: 6/19/2012.

Women’s Boxing: In The Zone

Alexandra Coppadge features boxing lessons at Gleason’s Gym.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s In The Zone, episode 98. Original air date: 5/26/2012.

Jen Ferguson: Neighborhood Beat Best of Art

Evoking both whimsy and disquiet, Jen Ferguson is an awesome DUMBO-based painter whose work encompasses everything from monsters to architecture. She even has a series on Brooklyn bridges. Let’s go check out her fascinating artistic process. For more information on Jen Ferguson contact:

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Best of Art, episode 2. Original air date: 4/26/2012.


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