Brooklyn GO: Caught In The Act

According to its sponsor, the Brooklyn Museum, this borough-wide open house drew an estimated 18,000 visitors to the studios, living rooms, galleries, and garages of more than 1700 artists in 44 neighborhoods. We didn’t get to quite that many, but enough to confirm that Brooklyn is full of talented people – as if you didn’t know!
For more information about GO, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn, episode 53. Original air date: 9/26/2012.

Greenpoint Coworking: Sector B

Sole proprietors have no one else to answer to, but it can be lonely at the top. Which is why we see more and more small businesspeople sharing a workspace, like this one in Greenpoint. If they’re lucky, they also end up sharing ideas and inspiration. For more information about Greenpoint Coworking, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sector B: The Business of Brooklyn, episode 61. Original air date: 7/17/2012.

Dragons of Zynth: Caught In The Act

“Man I wish I still dropped acid.” That’s how one writer started his review of this band’s debut album. Another — maybe writing as if he were tripping – described a mix of “melancholy psychedelia, romantic soul, itchy hip-hop, and frazzled hard rock.” See for yourself. For more information about Dragons of Zynth, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn, episode 50. Original air date: 7/2/2012.

Syrena Bakery: Neighborhood Beat: Williamsburg & Greenpoint

The smells coming from this Polish bakery are intoxicating and just pull you inside! Their rye and pumpernickel breads are said to be the best ever! Folks have even mailed their breads to highly particular family members in other cities! And it’s not just breads.   They make rolls, bagels, cakes and pastries—and all of it is delicious.  If your timing is on point, your order will be fresh out of the oven!

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Williamsburg & Greenpoint Ep. 55 Original airdate: 4/12/12

Saucy By Nature: Neighborhood Beat: Williamsburg & Greenpoint

Longtime friends Przemek Adolf and Monika Luczak started Saucy by Nature as a way to locally enjoy the flavors they had experienced on their global travels. The sauces run the gamut from sweet & savory to sour and that definitely satisfies their Polish palates. Their line-up of sauces range from Tomato Apple Chutney, which is rumored to be awesome when paired with grilled cheese, to the Smoky Barbecue that adds the perfect zing to ribs or chicken wings.  We caught up with them at Brooklyn Brewery’s SmorgasBrewery for some first-hand sampling of their grilled cheese sandwich.  Hmm, Hmm GOOD! For more information on Saucy By Nature contact:
From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Greenpoint Williamsburg Ep. 55 Original airdate: 4/12/12

SEW Moni: Neighborhood Beat: Williamsburg & Greenpoint

It all began with tote bags and aprons designed by mother-daughter duo Moni and Criselda Briones. Their love of sewing was unzipped in Corpus Christi, Texas, button-downed in Ridgewood, Queens, and now Williamsburg, BROOKLYN is feeling the stitch! The business has become a mecca for sewing enthusiasts, both young mature– especially by those who just love making things for themselves! The founder, Moni, offers an assortment of weekly classes and we dropped by to see how her offerings compliment Williamsburg’s growing D-I-Y community! For more information on SEW Moni contact: .

From Brooklyn Independent Television?s Neighborhood Beat: Greenpoint Williamsburg Ep. 55 Original airdate: 4/12/12

Polish Hip-Hop: Caught In The Act

Polish Hip-Hop: At Club Europa in Greenpoint, we meet JRD, a rapper from Poland, and DJ GRAM-X, a promoter who wants to make the rap world aware of all the Eastern European hip-hop happening in NYC and around the country.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Caught In The Act, episode 47.


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