Brooklyn Tech Triangle: Sector B

There’s definitely a tech sector boom happening in Brooklyn, and while it started in DUMBO, what they use to call “the dot-coms” are invading east into the Navy Yard and south into Downtown Brooklyn. For more information about The Brooklyn Tech Triangle, visit or or visit or visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn,” episode 66. Original air date: 2/20/2013.

Coney Island Reconstruction: Sector B

New York City Councilmember Domenic Recchia, who represents Coney Island and surrounding neighborhoods, updates host Randy Peers on the progress made since the hurricane. Ligia Guallpa of the Worker’s Justice Project joins them to talk about what the rebuilding boom has meant to day laborers in the area. For more information about Domenic Recchia visit,… and for more information about the Worker’s Justice Project visit,

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn,” episode 65. Original air date: 1/16/2013.

Sandy & Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies: Sector B

When the storm slammed into Red Hook, this pride-of-Brooklyn desert-maker saw his operation flooded out. What happened to Steve Tarpin and his signature pies, and how did has he managed to get back to business? For more information about Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn,” episode 65. Original air date: 1/16/2013.

FEMA & Medical Equipment: Healthbeat Brooklyn

After Sandy, hospitals and clinics were shut down, and patients had to travel long distances to see a doctor. Many Brooklyn doctors also lost equipment worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. FEMA — and one Bay Ridge physician in particular — are trying to help. For more information about FEMA , visit or for more information about the Eye& Ear Institute visit, or for more information about or for more information about Afya Foundation, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s HealthBeat Brooklyn, episode 70. Original airdate 01/08/2013.

Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger: Neighborhood Beat Bed-Stuy

They operate New York City’s largest emergency food pantry, run a green urban farming initiative and provide a long list of other resources. And when Hurricane Sandy came storming through, they were right there helping Brooklyn and other communities bounce back. Let’s visit The Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger. For more information on The Bed-Stuy contact

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Bed-Stuy, episode 60. Original air date: 1/24/2013.

Adhesive Theater Project: Caught In The Act

Imagine working on a performance about a mythical storm and waking up to the reality of Hurricane Sandy. It happened to this theater group, currently artists in residence at the New York City College of Technology (CUNY).

For more information about Adhesive Theater Project visit:

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn?episode 56. Original air date: 1/23/2013.

Brooklyn Review: CityWide Disaster Services

From YouTube user: BKIndependentTV

CityWide Disaster Services in Brooklyn’s Canarsie area has been providing communications services via mobile radio for more than 30 years. Learn how they helped people during Hurricane Sandy.


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