Interview with resident at the Red Hook Initiative Center

From Vimeo user Keith Collins:

Excelsior Zones & the Superfund: Sector B

Excelsior Zones & the Superfund: What is an Excelsior Zone and why should business people know about it? Also, how will the Gowanus Superfund project affect local businesses? Host Randy Peers interviews Josh Keller, Exec Director of South Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp.
From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sector B, episode 42. Original air date: 11/16/2010

Artist to Artist: Schwartzman, Ames & Taylor for “Caught in the Act”

Schwartzman, Ames & Taylor... possible folk music group?

Ohhhhhhh. We just finished taping an awesome interview between HBO’s “Bored to Death”‘s Jason Schwartzman (lead), Jonathan Ames (creator/writer) and Alan Taylor (director/producer). It was pretty neat listening to them talk about shooting the series in and around Brooklyn, along with the history each of them has with the borough.  We’ll stop the blog entry right here as we don’t want to give anything away…  keep your eyes peeled for this three-way conversation in an upcoming Caught in the Act.

Neat-o. (“Schwartzman, Ames & Taylor” sounds like an awesome folk group, doesn’t it?)

Finding Family: Brooklyn Review

MEET A WOMAN WHO FOUND FAMILY IN HAITI on Around Town with Fred Brown.

From Brooklyn Independent Television's Brooklyn Review, episode 210.

Interview With Senator John Sampson, Pt. 2: Brooklyn Review

Original Cablecast Date: 11/23/2009From Brooklyn Independent Television’s ‘Brooklyn Review,’ Eps. 206.
From Brooklyn Review Eps. 206

GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with Senator John Sampson about his new role as Senate Majority Conference Leader. In part two of the interview, we hear about the senator’s plans for Brooklyn, as well as what he loves most about the borough;.

Brooklyn Review airs Mondays and Thursdays at 1pm & 9pm; Fridays at 3pm & 11pm on Time Warner 56, Cablevision 69, RCN 84 and Verizon 44. You can watch this and more episodes online at or download your favorite episodes and segments as podcasts on iTunes (keyword: “Brooklyn Review”).


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