Brooklyn’s Miss America 2013- Mallory Hagan!: Brooklyn Review

Developed by the Miss America organization, the Miss America Pageant is more than just swim suits and talent — it’s a national program that provides personal and professional opportunities for young women to promote their voices in culture, politics and the community. And here in Brooklyn, we have the big winner! Reporter Fred Brown sat down with Miss New York Mallory Hagan who just won the coveted title of “Miss America 2013”!

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 274. Original air date: 1/11/2013.

New York Women’s Foundation Celebrates 25 years of Giving: Brooklyn Review

The New York Women’s Foundation and the Circle of Sisters for Social Change recently celebrated 25 years of philanthropy at the Brooklyn Museum. And in the backdrop of this year’s tight presidential race, reporter Fred Brown asked women in attendance about political and social issues most important to them.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 272. Original air date: 10/25/2012.

Under the Influence: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Under the Influence: The fight against drunk driving has a new weapon—  it even knows if you’re hung over. Meanwhile, driving while distracted is the latest front in the war to keep our roads safe. So hows that going? Host Monica Sweeney, MD, gets all sorts of I-didnt-know-that! facts from Robert Sinclair, Jr. of AAA New York.
From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s Healthbeat Brooklyn, episode 46.
Original air date: 11/2/2010.

Interdenominational Gospel Choir Auditions: Brooklyn Review

Brooklyn’s got talent and now it will also have its own Interdenominational Gospel Choir. Choir co-founder, Pastor Francisco A. Haye, Jr. auditioned some of the boroughs best voices for the choir which will soon be singing the praises of unity in Brooklyn.

From Brooklyn Independent Television‘s Brooklyn Review.


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