Day of Service: Brooklyn Review

President Obama used the occasion of his Inauguration to spur Americans to participate in a nation-wide weekend of service. In the days preceding the swearing in, people connected with their communities through collective works. In Brooklyn, the Sheepshead Bay High School opened its doors to a flood of volunteers who rolled up their sleeves to give the school a face lift.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 275. Original air date: 2/1/2013.

Coney Recovers: Brooklyn Review is an initiative of the Alliance for Coney Island, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting “the people’s playground” and improving quality of life for the entire Coney Island community. The group has received over $200k in grant money and set up new mobile truck units and Sandy headquarters, as Coney island continues to restore businesses, heat and electricity, and other services months after the devastating storm.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 274. Original air date: 1/11/2013.

Disabled Voter Challenge: Brooklyn Review

The debates are done and Brooklynites are ready to voice their choice at the polls this November 6th. Whether you plan to pull the lever for Obama or Romney, you expect the voting process to be easy and accommodating. But as Julia Vassey reports, thousands of Americans with disabilities challenges are also facing hurdles at local polling sites, and one disabled Brooklyn women stepped up and is speaking out.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 272. Original air date: 10/25/2012.

On My Block Films: Brooklyn Review

Hey, neighbor! Let’s make a movie! Ryan O’Hara, a Carroll Garden’s filmmaker, urges his neighbors to get involved in the “On My Block Films” project that challenges them to create a short narrative or a documentary using only their block as a location and its residents as cast and a crew. Find out more:

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 270. Original air date: 9/27/2012.

Ramadan: Brooklyn Review

Immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Egypt and other Muslim countries all over the world – celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Every country has its particular custom about Ramadan, but how people manage to keep the tradition alive in the U.S.? Sometimes they have to improvise with a little Brooklyn flavor.

From Brooklyn Independent Televisionapos;s Brooklyn Review, episode 268. Original air date: 7/26/2012.

Russian Republics in Brighton Beach: Brooklyn Review

Whether you know it as “Little Russia” or “Little Odessa,” Brighton Beach is the heart of New York’s Russian-speaking community, and home to many immigrants from the former Soviet Union who now, as successful local entrepreneurs and U.S. citizens, are also a strong Republic Party voting-block. Reporter Julia Vassey pays a visit.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review, episode 266. Original air date: 6/28/2012.

Laughter Yoga: Healthbeat Brooklyn

A room full of people laughing out loud – and you thought yoga was all about being inner-directed. Not with the group you’re about to meet. It may look weird (well, frankly, it is, kind of), but these folks believe you can cackle, giggle, chortle and howl your way to stress reduction. For more information about Resource and Wellness Center of Baltic Street AEH, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television?s HealthBeat Brooklyn, episode 64. Original airdate 06/05/2012.


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