City Stomp: Neighborhood Beat Park Slope

When superstorm Sandy hit, it took us all by surprise, especially many of us living and working along the waterways of Brooklyn. Brooklynites are still putting their lives back together, and some of the hardest hit are the youngest among us. Enter City Stomp Music — a music organization that gave back by hosting a benefit concert at Littlefields.
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From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat Park Slope Ep. 49 Original airdate:3/7/13

Gowanus Industrial Arts Complex: Neighborhood Beat BoCoCa/Gowanus

When hurricane Sandy hit, it sent nearly six feet of polluted canal and salt water seeping in the Gowanus Industrial Arts Complex, which houses several businesses. We stopped by Build It Green! NYC and The New York Art Foundry businesses to see how they are continuing to recover and thrive, after the storm. For more information on Build It Green! Contact NYC; For more information on

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat BoCoCa/Gowanus Ep. 49 Original airdate: 2/14/13

Brooklyn Brine: Neighborhood Beat BoCoCa/Gowanus

Former vegan chef Shamus Jones founded Brooklyn Brine, a factory and retail space, where they pickle everything from sunchokes and asparagus, to beans and of course, cucumbers…And who doesn’t love a great pickle, especially ones with an earthy, spicy kick? For more information on Brooklyn Brine contact

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat BoCoCa/Gowanus Ep. 49 Original airdate: 2/14/13

Tonia Grady: Neighborhood Beat Bed-Stuy

She produced a documentary, They published a book,. The common thread – an honest discussion about fatherlessness. This mother-daughter team, both had questions and didn’t know how to get answers. A search for personal understanding has placed them on a journey that now extends far beyond just themselves. Meet Tonia Skylar Grady.
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From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Bed-Stuy, episode 60. Original air date: 1/24/2013.

Tatiana Restaurant: Brooklyn By The Sea

This is a great place to dine, not to mention check out a Broadway quality show, and it’s right here in the neighborhood. It’s Tatiana Restaurant on the Brighton Beach boardwalk – a Brooklyn institution! How many places can you get dinner, dessert, great drinks, and a good old fashion show? If you live nearby then you’re lucky. If not, it’s worth the trip!

Tatiana Restaurant
3152 Brighton 6th Street

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat: Brooklyn By The Sea. Original airdate: 9/27/12

Brooklyn Avengers: Neighborhood Beat BoCoCa & Gowanus

Get ready because Brooklyn is getting it’s own batch of superheroes. And it’s about time! The originals have nothing on this authentic outer-borough crew. In celebration of Marvel’s 50th anniversary of Spiderman, we caught up with Stuart Moore and Damion Scott, creators of the Brooklyn Avengers! For more information on Stuart Moore contact:; For more information on Damion Scott contact

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat BoCoCa Ep. 48 Original airdate: 9/13/12

Black Gold Brooklyn: Neighborhood Beat Bococa & Gowanus

Black Gold Brooklyn is a coffee house where each cup is ground and brewed to order; a record shop that embraces the lost art of vinyl; and a boutique for unique antiques. It?s a delight of taste, sight, and sound! Meet the owners – Sommer Santoro and Jeff Ogiba.

Black Gold Brooklyn
461 Court Street
Carroll Gardens

From Brooklyn Independent Television?s Neighborhood Beat: Bococa Gowanus. Original airdate: 6/28/12


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