Beauty Bar: Neighborhood Beat Park Slope

You know, us city dwellers lead very busy lives and often need a break from the hustle and bustle. And that usually involves a cocktail! But imagine a place where you can get a manicure with your martini. Think it’s a pipe dream? Think again ’cause it’s all right here at the Beauty Bar! For more information on Beauty Bar contact

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat Park Slope Ep. 49 Original airdate:3/7/13

Jubilat Provisions:Neighborhood Beat Park Slope

If you pass by this doorway on 5th Avenue in South Slope, you might just be lured in by the smell of delicious smoked meats done the old fashioned way. In Polish, Jubilat means “one who celebrates” or “one who is Jubilant” and that’s how many folks feel when they sample the offerings here. Yum! Let’s check it out.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat Park Slope Ep. 49 Original airdate:3/7/13

Pork Slope: Neighborhood Beat Park Slope

Inspired by Patrick Swayze’s 1989 action film, “Road House” and started by Celebrity Chef Dale Talde alond with 2 other partners, Pork Slope has become a neighborhood favorite. It’s nestled in what was Aunt Suzie’s – serving up traditional American fare, mouth watering BBQ, other pork selections, and a marvelous selection of local beers and whiskeys. The kitchen serves ’til 2am, the bar pours ’til 4, and the music is straight up rock n’ roll! For more information on Pork Slope contact:

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Neighborhood Beat Park Slope Ep. 49 Original airdate:3/7/13

Bev Grant: Caught In The Act

This activist and musician shares her experiences as a traveling musician, director of the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus, and community organizer, all the while remaining a Park Slope stalwart for nearly 40 years.
For more information about Bev Grant visit:

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn, episode 56. Original air date: 1/23/2013.

Rehab for COPD: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the two main diseases that come under the heading “COPD” – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. There’s no cure, but at Metro SportsMed in Park Slope, a lifelong smoker gets treatment and relief for the emphysema his cigarette habit almost surely caused. For more information about Metro SportsMed, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s HealthBeat Brooklyn, episode 67. Original airdate 10/02/2012.

Checklist Home Services: Sector B

When are you ever going to get that drain or light fixture or window fixed? You’re either too busy or, well, just not all that talented with tools. This new company is aiming to answer that need, putting homeowner together with handyman. For more information about Checklist Home Services, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn, episode 60. Original air date: 6/19/2012.

Brooklyn Nets Scout Khalid Green: In The Zone

Feature story about Brooklyn Nets Scout Khalid Green.

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s In The Zone, episode 98. Original air date: 5/26/2012.


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