Sandy & Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies: Sector B

When the storm slammed into Red Hook, this pride-of-Brooklyn desert-maker saw his operation flooded out. What happened to Steve Tarpin and his signature pies, and how did has he managed to get back to business? For more information about Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, visit

From Brooklyn Independent Television’s “Sector B:The Business of Brooklyn,” episode 65. Original air date: 1/16/2013.

A Farm Recovers in Red Hook

From YouTube user: BKIndependentTV

Norton Records’ Red Hook Warehouse After Sandy

From YouTube user: Spin Clean

Brooklyn Teenagers Learn How to Document Hurricane

From YouTube user: BKIndependentTV

Rebuilding a Small Business in Red Hook

From YouTube user: 

Sector B: Businesses in Brooklyn Respond After Sandy

From YouTube user: BKIndependentTV

Sandy’s Effect on Business Owner in Red Hook

From YouTube user: 


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